Alan (ab4dd0n) wrote in nerdoff,

Mike's a lazy ass

Nerd-Off 12.14.2004
Subject: Stark's a looney, decides the Avenger's Mansion needs to be rebuilt.
Heroes: Open to all publishers
No Batman
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Batman is so awesome he can overcome your silly little restriction. So there. But seriously, Superman would just fly around the world backwards to reverse time and just stop the mansion from ever being destroyed.
In a contract to the lowest bidder, She-Hulk and Spider-man win out on the rebuilding task.
She-Hulk holds up the rocks, Spidey webs them into place.
So the webbing isn't permanent; but hey, "it's good enough for government work".
Mojo decides to attempt his own remodeling show, but Marvel heroes always foil his plans so he goes with DC guys. Employing the services of Geo Force, the Metal Men, Deadshot (an ace with the nail gun), Matter Eater Lad, The Atom and Firestorm, they rebuild the mansion and have a hit show on their hands wherein they restore buildings that have been destroyed in the hit PBS series "This Blown Up House".