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The Holy Nerd-Off

Show your wits...and take a shower

The All-Mighty Nerd-Off Competition
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There are certain problems out there that only a comic-book hero can solve. Only the nerd can use there hero's (or villian) to come up with the solution. This is the nerd-off. A competition of the mind.

A subject will be given, and through the comments section one will use various means to solving this problem.

There is never a clear winner, and no subject is taboo.

Have fun, and be merciful to your fellow kin.
2099, alan moore, alex ross, amalgam, animal man, antarctic press, aquaman, archie, arkham, aspen, atlas, avatar, avengers, awesome entertainment, barry ween, batman, birds of prey, black bull, blue beetle, bob kane, bone, booster gold, brad meltzer, brian azzarello, brian bendis, cable, captain america, catwoman, cerebus, chaos!, charlton, clerks, cliffhanger, coast city, comic, comic book, comico, conan, concrete, crossgen, crow, crusade, daredevil, dark horse, david mack, dc, deadpool, deathstroke, dell, devil's due, dreamwave, eagle, eclipse, el capitan, eternity, event, fantagraphics, fathom, first, flash, four color, frank cho, frank miller, g.i. joe, geek, geo-force, gold key, gotham, grant morrison, graphic novel, green arrow, green lantern, greg rucka, grendel, harris, harvey, hawkman, hellboy, hulk, icon, idw, image, iron man, jack kirby, jeph loeb, jim lee, john byrne, jthm, judd winick, justice friends, justice league, justice society, kabuki, lady death, latveria, lobo, manga, mark waid, markovia, marvel, metropolis, mike grell, mutant, neil gaiman, nerd, new england, now, oni, powers, preacher, pulp, punisher, ron marz, sandman, scud, sgt. rock, shazam, smallville, spawn, spider-man, squee, stan lee, star trek, star wars, steve ditko, superfriends, superman, teen titans, the darkness, thor, thundercats, tick, tim sale, tokyopop, too much coffee man, top cow, tops, transformers, ultimate, valiant, vertigo, viz, warren ellis, wildstorm, witchblade, wizard, wolverine, wonder woman, x-men